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Wellesbourne and Walton

Wellesbourne is a vibrant village of approximately 2500 households situated south of Warwick and close to Stratford upon Avon. The village centre has an array of small shops, services, restaurants and pubs providing all the essentials for the community as a whole with major stores only a few miles away.

There is a mixture of housing from the old and quaint to the modern providing a wide range of housing opportunities and consequently a wide range of people who bring their skills to the community.

The village is also home to many light industrial activities and office based work places providing work opportunities for the residents.

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Councillors agreed unanimously not to accept the invitation for the airfield developers to discuss their plans for 1500 homes, schools and shops.

Councillors will ask Stratford District Council’s Chief Executive why they employed a QC and Planning Consultant when they didn’t contribute to the appeal to build homes at the top of Dovehouse.

A working party is being set up to consider whether the Parish Council should contribute to social media. Contact the Parish Council if you are interested in joining the group.